How to Help Others Change

Help others change: Change is constant and inevitable, I truly love people working hard to make positive changes in their lives and yes they can achieve this.

Far too often, people cast judgement that people can not make changes, and they give up on them. 

No! This shouldn’t be the way.

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Making changes appear so hard when people only depend on their own strength to achieve change. 

So we need people to help us do it. It can be said that you’re the way you have helped people change.

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But wait a minute; before we go deeper you should know that the essence of this post is to show you ways to help people make changes into the POSITIVE aspect of life and become better to both themselves and the society. 

So why do I need to change?

You need change because you are the product of so many experiences you have had in life. 

Your location, background, beliefs, etc., structures you in a certain and this could be either negative or positive. 

Though Change can be towards either negative or positive side, but it is an avenue of switching to what is right and yes it’s what you need.

I hear all the times from employee, bosses and even spouses say things like ” they’re never going to change, it’s never going to happen” lol . It couldn’t be more wrong.

People change all the time. People change every single day and they should. 

Mohammad Ali said if you are the same person at 50 when you were 20, then you have wasted 30 years. 

You can’t make a change for anybody else, it’s a decision that has to be made by each person. 

But you can help them to change.

How can we help people to change?

Maybe what they’re doing are already hurting you and your carrier, or your fulfilment at work, and you really want them to make a change, there are couple of things you have to do to help them.

But before you start you should know that people might be hard to change.

During growth people get attached into so many structure and ideologies which is very hard for them to easily let go.

To help them change for better from such structure you need powerful strategies that will help pull (not arrogantly by force) them out.

Things to do

1. Love is first

Helping others to change for the better should be a desire that springs out of Love. 

If there is no existence of love then the passion to drive people into better change will be lost.

So, the first thing you must host is love for others. Captivating this won’t only fire up your desire to help but will also help in the other processes. 

2. Share some real truth: 

You can’t be scared to say” this is what’s going on. Here’s the evidence of what’s happening.”

Always make sure you find a way to say it as it is even within your strategies. 

People need to know how negative their actions/behaviors are and the need for them to change for good.

And what they will benefit from being positive. 

3.  Make the person aware of the change that need to be made: 

Not just getting angrily and igniting more fire. Calm down and talk to the person.  Because, often times, people are unaware of how bad they have been. 

Even when they know, they may not know the necessary steps they need to take for change. 

When you let them aware of the change that needs to be done, it gives them light to walk towards changing better.

4. Have grace for them: 

There are things that only others can see about you that you are not seeing. Once you have the courage to share that truth with someone and the person accept and is committed to make the changes, then you have got to have some real grace and patience for the person. 

This is because, making change in your life is hard. It doesn’t happen over night, it takes time, energy, and most importantly commitment.

5. Simply help that person: 

You have got to help that person make the change required and be patient and have some grace for them assuming they’re continuing to try to make the change.

Certainly there could be a time where somebody says” I don’t want to really help them know the need to by convincing them beyond doubts.

But my hope is that you will keep that mentality that PEOPLE CAN MAKE CHANGE and I want you to help them do it instead of just complaining about it and nagging all the time.

Let’s help one another and make life more meaningful.

Love is help and Healthy.

Did you get value?

Have you tried helping anyone before or do you still wish to?

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Let’s know of your experiences in the comment box.

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