How to Successfully Write and Pass JAMB – 10 Working Tips

How to pass jamb

Joint Admission Matriculation Board Exam known as UTME is the exam which is the criterion for admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions. Most students at times cringe at the thought of it and see it as a frustrating and uphill task. Sometimes, they resign to their fate and await whatever outcome their little effort would produce. Some other students do not give it so much of a thought. They just prepare for it like any other examination, write it and then wait for the result.

Notwithstanding all these, passing JAMB is actually easy. A student who has set out to smash JAMB must know that he ought to give it some thoughts, prepare for it and then apply the relevant techniques in order to successfully crush it. Some important tips on how to successfully pass JAMB has been explained below. A student who consciously applies them is sure to pass JAMB seamlessly.


To pass JAMB, the first important step you must take is that you must set a target score. What course do you want to study in the university? What is the cut-off mark for that course? What score do you want to make when you write your own exam? Bearing a good target score in mind is a good step to take in your determination to pass JAMB. Also note that more often than not, what guarantees a student’s admission into a tertiary institution is the cut-off mark that has been set by the tertiary institution to which the student applied, which is usually higher, and not the one set by JAMB. Therefore, it is advisable that you work with the one set by the tertiary institution. For instance, if the cut-off mark for Medical Laboratory Science is 280, you can set a target score of 300 for yourself.


Another important step to take is to make enquiries just like you’re doing now. JAMB usually adjusts their syllabus for each examination year although it is not so much different from previous recent examination years. So, you need to know what and what you are required to read for the exam. Also, find out the subject combination for the course you have applied for. Some students make the mistake of not searching out the subject combination of their applied course and discover unfortunately after the exam has been written that they are now in a drastic situation. Find out the modality of admission used by the institution you applied for. Make enquiries as much as possible on everything concerning the JAMB exam, your preferred institution, etc.


Draft out workable plans on how you would finish the JAMB syllabus. Make plans on the best time for you to study, how you would be studying, materials to use in studying. If you enjoy reading with a group, reach out to other students and read along with them. Time must be created to actualize the plans. If you do not create time for it, the plans will be useless and you will be as good as a student who never made one.


If you will pass JAMB, you must create time for personal reading. Group reading and interaction is good, but it is very important that you do some study on your own. A personal study time of at least 5 hours daily is not bad. Search out for the right answers to the past questions you tried and did not get right. Do not just rely on already solved past questions; they could sometimes be wrong! Materials for personal reading include textbooks, books containing past questions, school notes, jotter, etc.


It is wrong to wait till one month to the JAMB exam before you start reading. Start studying on time! When you have made your plans on how to study, start studying right away. I believe that the only way to learn how to study is by studying. If you can start reading at least 5 months to the exam date, you will have covered much when the day finally comes.


For your personal study, create a study time table which will contain the subjects to be studied each day and time allotted for the study of each subject. Also, find out the best way you remember what you have studied and study more using that method. Do you study better at night or during the daytime? Find out too. The study timetable should be pasted where you can easily see it in your room, for instance above your bed.


Make use of past questions intermittently in your study. Sometimes, JAMB can repeat past questions. Therefore, you need to solve a lot of past questions. More importantly, aside JAMB repeating past questions, past questions help you to discover how much you have studied and how prepared you are for the upcoming examination. They are indispensable and priceless.


Do not rush to finish topics in the JAMB syllabus; it does not help. Patient and relaxed study over a period of time is a good learning strategy. It is far more better to read 5 hours daily for your exam than to read 12 hours on a particular day and not touch your books again for the whole week.


There are special and novel methods that you can use to learn also. Some educational software applications and websites can come in handy to help you study. You can watch videos too that explain what you are studying.


Last on the list, but not the least is a training on CBT. The CBT training would help you know how your exam would look like. Some software application can help out here too like the My Unn Post Utme App that you can find on Play Store.

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