Approximation And Estimation

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Approximations are estimate in Amount, Numbers, Distances etc. that are almost correct, but not exact. It is a unique method of counting to nearest wholes, which might be Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Weights, Distances, Time and so many other values. Example 1: Correct 4726.6282 to the nearest(a) thousand, (b) hundred, (c) ten (d) whole number, (e)

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  FRACTIONS: fractions are wholes that consist of Numerators and Denominators that are separated with a Division sign. Numerator: (At the top) Division sign: (At the middle) and  Denominator: (At the bottom). It is simply a figure placed on another figure.  Example of a fraction is 1/x, Where 1 is the Numerator (/) is the

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