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Work through and explore these amazing scholarships opportunities from US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Belgium.

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2024 Karsh International Scholarship Program at Duke University, USA
 2024 University of Oxford Mastercard AfOx Scholarships For African Students
2024 Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program For Global Leaders
2024 Aurora Tech Awards For Africans
2024 AAUW International Fellowships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
2024 Texas A&M University Scholarships For International Students
2024 US Government TechGirls Summer Exchange Program For Young Women
2024 United Nations University (UNU) International Scholarships in Geography, Germany
2024 Abu Dhabi Government Youth 4 Sustainability (Y4S) Program
2024 University of Bradford International Scholarships
The Avancez Scholarship, Chalmers University of Technology 2024
2024 Chalmers University of Technology IPOET International Scholarships
2024 University of Findlay International Scholarships, USA
2024 Echidna Global Scholar Program, USA
2024 University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei Scholarships
International Merit Stipend Scholarship at James Cook University – Australia, 2023
The 2024 Sievert Larsson Scholarship Fund, Chalmers University of Technology
The Rhodes Trust/Schmidt Futures Rise Program for Young Students 2024
2024 KAIST Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students
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